Kirsten Landman | South African Female Hard Enduro Rider

"Having been able to work with such profession and great work ethic for my first ever video shoot was a pleasure. Shawn from Freestyle films has a presence where you don't feel nervous and can just be filmed naturally and it was evident in the final video edit. He captured what I felt and portrayed it very professionally, I look forward to shooting with him again, hopefully :)"



Maurice Dingli | Freelance Producer

"I refer to Shawn Van Zyl as a ‘Legend of Go Pro’ because that is what he is. A Go Yo Man that keeps on shooting, in the rain, in the wind, while all the other crew are tired, down, or wringing their hands in despair. He is the first guy I want to have on my shoot.

He gets things done."




Johnny Louch | The W Training Facility, California, USA

"Shawn is a great person to work with lots of energy and knows how to get along well with athletes

He always has the right vision to get the best action shots Plus he's a pleasure to work with as fellow South African"


Nate Adams | Extreme Sports Athlete

“Had a lot of fun working with Shawn. He has a vision and knows what he's accomplishing, has an eye for the correct angles and a mind to put it all together for a complete edit. Couple those with the fact that Shawn is an athlete himself, I believe that's why he is a great film maker."


Oliver Schwankhart | Director of Afriski Mountain Resort

"I think it’s safe to say that Shawn’s work speaks for itself. The only things that it may not say is how versatile and adaptive Shawn is across a range of themes and how effortlessly he is able to bring a completely fresh twist to everything he touches. He is the full package and will shoot, edit, select music and customize subtitles and graphics to really deliver a visual product to be proud of. He also takes really good photos. I fear that I may be spoilt forever."



Nick De Wit | South African Freestyle MX Athlete

"I have worked with Shawn Van Zyl for over 10 years now and he has always delivered amazing quality work. He always puts in the extra mile and makes sure that he delivers a top quality video or edit. I look forward to working with him again in the future."


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